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Why do you need a H.E.A.T Course?

Recent research by members of the American Psychologists Society suggests that the phrase ” Travel Safe” came into common parlance around 2006. Whether the phrase indicates an underlying concern by the speaker has yet to be determined but concerns about the safety and security of travel are realistic.   However, rather than worrying about whether […]

KONY: The man who put the infant into Infantry

The man who put the infant into Infantry, and was once possibly the world’s most notorious celebrity.  But how did Joseph Kony become so infamous, sparking not only the Invisible Children movement, but the associated movie and the Kony 2012 awareness campaign almost exactly a year ago?

Survival at Sea

Imagine going to sea with two heavy drinkers, a bikini-clad female and a teetotal sailor.  You are an experienced sailor yourself, who has competed in several professional races.  You, and the rest of the crew, sail into a hurricane and your vessel capsizes. Owing to the hurricane winds, your survival raft is blown away and […]

Abandoning the Ship

Sometimes, evacuation from Hostile Environments is carried out by sea.  In Africa, and especially West Africa, many countries with coastlines have a divided nation – a Muslim-controlled Northern region run by the military; and a Christian-controlled Southern region run by the police.  Consequently, history teaches us that the need for northern inhabitants to reach the […]

Car Safety: what to do in case of carjacking

Have you ever thought about the risks of carjacking? Consider that you car is an extension of your home. For some people the car is their home, but for many of us, the car is a place of solitude where we can listen to our own music and smoke cigarettes, but hopefully not drink alcohol. […]

Location: how to be rescued

Learn from the tragedies of the past how to be rescued in any Location. Understand how to be rescued in any Hostile Environment, following our signalling survival techniques A review of two tragedies, one recent and one several decades ago, demonstrate that operating in hostile environments pose a variety of threats that can be mitigated […]

A magnetic attraction: the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Better understand how a compass works and the Earth’s Magnetic Field. A compass will provide you with the direction of the four cardinal points – North, East, West, and South.  By understanding how a compass works and knowing the numerous recognizable signs that indicate direction, you will rarely be lost.  So, it is important to […]

Characteristics of Hand Grenades

Many insurgency groups in Africa have access to hand grenades. According to humanitarian aid workers in Bujumbura,Burundi, grenades were periodically tossed into gardens where meetings were being held.  Although the grenades often had the pin still inserted, the message was clear and demonstrated that neighbours wanted the noise of the meetings to be kept low.  […]

Counter-surveillance and anti-surveillance

Our H.E.A.T. courses are designed to teach attendees the ability to survive and operate effectively in Hostile Environments.  Although Hostile Environments are typically characterised by emerging markets and emerging countries, Hostile Environments exist anywhere there is a risk of loss of liberty, life and limb.  Whilst the most obvious Hostile Environments include Outer Space,Antarctica and […]