Level 3

3 day course which covers everything
to survive in any hostile environment.

Level 3

3 day course which covers everything
to survive in any hostile environment


The Level 3 Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is a three-day programme designed to introduce delegates to the concepts of instinctive shooting, brutal combatives, realistic technical surveillance countermeasures, a kidnap and hostile interrogation scenario and clever escape and evasion techniques to escape from custody.

What Will I Learn?

  • Using live ammunition on a range, you will fire various weapons and learn accurate shooting techniques.
  • Practicing with training partners, you will learn to fight using improvised weapons and your bare hands.
  • Tips and techniques to identify if you are under technical surveillance or forms of electronic monitoring.
  • Emergency medicine to keep you and others alive when chaos reigns.
  • Driving quickly and safely through a road block and cornering at speed.

Course Content

  • Everyday carry (EDC) of defensive tools
  • Instinctive shooting using various calibers and weapons
  • Defensive driving tips to evade capture
  • Lethal and non-lethal weapons to protect yourself against multiple attackers
  • Emergency medicine to survive in any hostile environment

Who Should Attend?

The three-day programme is designed for executives and managers who will be exposed to a variety of risks to their life, limb or liberty when travelling on company business to hostile environments.

This course is perfect for delegates involved in:

  • EXCO
  • Sales Management
  • Business Development
  • Technical Services
  • Field Operations
  • Government Liaison
  • Media Professionals/Journalists/Reporters
  • Humanitarian Aid Workers


This programme is delivered at our training facility in Cape Town where we conduct outdoor sessions in Tokai Forest, the Silvermine Nature Reserve and a fully-accredited shooting range.

All the weapons familiarisation and range work are conducted at an outdoor registered gun club with sufficient firing lanes to accommodate 10 delegates at a time.

The defensive and offensive driving skills are practiced on a skid pan and on a track that can be used to simulate both urban and rural driving conditions.


The course gives necessary training in skills that are rare but important for both travellers and local staff members who find themselves in dangerous situations. I really like the techniques to counter hijackings and home invasions. The pain in my knees from kneeling in a stress position during the kidnap exercise wasn’t great, as necessary as it may have been.

Very informative course which has provided me with skills that I never thought I needed. Made me realise how exposed I am on a daily basis and how easily I can fail to survive. Yet, I learnt that there are some simple techniques that I can use to save my life.

I would highly recommend this training because it is a useful course which contain safety and security knowledge, especially for corporate travellers. I know that the course will immediately help me and I can now develop situational awareness and a survival mindset to react confidently in a terrifying situation.