Level 1

One day course prepares delegates
for safe corporate travel

Level 1

One day course prepares delegates
for safe corporate travel


The Level 1 Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is for Executives only.

The one day course is designed to introduce and implement a corporate travel security management structure within your organisation.  By having a written policy, documented procedures and informed standards, your company will comply with current Duty of Care (DoC) obligations.

At the end of this course, your company will have a bespoke and documented corporate travel security programme to ensure the safety and security of your executives and key personnel when travelling on business.

What Will I Learn?

  • Through a virtual or in-person training course with desktop exercises, strategy sessions and informative presentations, you will understand the risk landscape when travelling in Africa
  • Using this understanding, you will be guided through a process to document and promote a corporate travel security programme within your organisation
  • You will receive knowledge about safe and secure travel before you go, tips for personal security, effective communications and how to survive a disaster
  • A documented corporate travel security programme will prevent financial and reputational damage in the event of your key personnel suffering from the loss of life, liberty or limb

Course Content

  • An insight about current threats faced by corporate travellers
  • Sensitivity training and gender-based approaches when in hostile environments
  • Destination intelligence to heighten your situational awareness
  • Scenario-based training to provide informed decisions regarding disasters
  • A bespoke corporate travel security policy and supporting documentation

Who Should Attend?

The one-day course is restricted to senior executives and key personnel responsible for ensuring the safety and security of employees travelling on company business.

This course is perfect for executives responsible for:

  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Business Development
  • Financial Administration
  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Sales


This one day course is delivered either virtually or in-person at your premises.

All travel expenses for in-person training are to be borne by the Client.


Really good and practical exercises to raise my situational awareness. Maybe, we needed better guidance on the type of clothing required for the course

A reality check. I never knew the extent of the risks and I found the course really very informative. I am better prepared now

This was really good training for hostile environments that I and my family could experience at home and overseas. Very good content that was well presented