What is every day carry (EDC) and what should I carry?

What is every day carry (EDC) and what should I carry?

Every day carry (EDC) refers to useful items you should carry in your pockets, in a bag or in your car. What you should carry depends on your decision as to how you will carry the items. You may ask yourself? What is every day carry (EDC) and what should I carry?

Why carry anything? Life is risky. Unforeseen events, obstacles and challenges happen on a daily basis. To have some means of overcoming these circumstances successfully is an indication of preparedness.

With proper planning and preparation, you will always perform better than if you had no plans or were not prepared.

How did I carry EDC items?

Select how you want to carry your items on a daily basis. Women are used to carrying handbags but men are not. Men’s clothing often has pockets and belt loops. Women’s clothing has fewer methods of stashing or storing EDC items.

Larry Ellison of Oracle wore a bespoke suit daily. Therefore, he had an assistant to carry his Blackberry because he did not want to stretch the look of his suit.

Are you willing to carry all your EDC items in your pocket or on a belt, or would you prefer to carry them in a handbag or backpack?

You need to choose what you are comfortable carrying before deciding what to carry. A knife, torch, pepper spray, phone, lighter and first aid kit will not easily be carried in your pockets. But, a knife, wallet and car keys will.

Practice “layering” your EDC items and consider what you will carry on your person ( around your neck, on your wrists, in your pockets); next, in your bag; and lastly, in your vehicle.

What to carry?

Weight, purpose, functionality and accessibility should dictate your selection of EDC items. A set of small titanium lockpicks might seem a good idea but can you pick a lock? A can of pepper gel is definitely useful for self defence but can be bulky. If you carry a small pepper spray on your key ring, can you deploy it effectively without fumbling around in your handbag?

Consider that EDC is a dynamic choice you must make depending on your anticipated activities. When going out at night, carry a small torch. This will help you read a menu in a restaurant and illuminate the pavement when the street lights are out.

If it is likely to rain, carry a lightweight poncho in your bag. If it will be hot and sunny, carry sunscreen and a hat.

If you think that you might be skipping a meal, take some sweets or a snack. First aid kits are useful but there is a proliferation of chemists in most urban areas.

In other words, do not carry EDC items that you can buy easily during your every day activities. Do carry EDC items that will enable you to respond effectively to an anticipated risk. But remember, risks change and so does your knowledge and confidence to be able to respond to such risks.

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