Level 2

2 day course covers all of Level 1
and emergency medicine, urban survival

Level 2

2 day course covers all of Level 1
and emergency medicine, urban survival


The Level 2 Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is a two-day programme that exposes corporate travellers to the shock and horror of a simulated kidnapping. Learn to control your fear as you are hooded and restrained before being led away, barefoot, for an interrogation by persons unknown.

What Will I Learn?

  • Using dummies and specialist medical equipment, you will practice how to save a limb and prevent the loss of life.
  • Adapting everyday items such as belts, pens and fishing weights to improvise vicious weapons.
  • Practice escaping from restraints made of rope, duct tape, flexicuffs and handcuffs.
  • Effective techniques for rapidly assessing symptoms of shock, tropical disease or cardiac arrest.

Course Content

  • Your company’s legal compliance to you regarding its Duty of Care (DoC) obligations
  • Anti- and Counter-Surveillance drills to prevent others knowing about your plans
  • Escape and evasion tactics and techniques to get you safely across foreign borders
  • Psychological impact of a kidnapping, interrogation, ransom and extortion

Who Should Attend?

The two-day course is designed for staff and managers who travel to foreign and hostile environments on business.

This course is perfect for delegates involved in:

  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Services
  • Procurement
  • Business Development
  • Media Professionals/Journalists/Reporters


This course is delivered at our training facility in Cape Town where we conduct realistic kidnap and interrogation scenarious in changing urban environments.

Alternatively, we can run this Level 2 programme at your premises or at a hired venue with suitable training facilities.


This was a great experience and valuable information was provided by the knowledgeable instructors. So, we now know what to do in a hostile environment and even in our everyday lives

The course was excellent. However, I feel like it was information overload and maybe it could take place over three days so we can get more out of it. Still, it was a really enjoyable programme

A very practical and well-designed course. It covers a substantial amount of information and delivers practical demonstrations which enables all trainees to have the necessary knowledge and skill sets to deal with a range of scenarios in hostile environments

Very useful, excellent seminar with an abundant amount of knowledge and skills. Excellent and very professional team. Thank you for your patients and understanding with regards to my issues in real-life situations. This course makes you so excited and confident about survival in hostile environments.

The Instructors use realistic scenarios and case studies which really helped to contextualise the training. They shared simple but effective techniques which are easy to rehearse and enable me and others to prepare properly before travelling

Great insight at all levels of experience. Content is current and up-to-date and is also
relevant to helping me learn about current hostile trends, especially to corporate travellers in
Africa. A brilliant and an informative two-day programme

Brilliant programme which provided me with a lot of development areas to work on as a traveller. In fact, I am asking my Department Head that this course should be mandatory for all corporate travellers being sent to African countries for business purposes.

I found the course to be very informative and interesting. It has taught me some life skills and although some parts are scary, they are completely worth it. I am very glad I attended.