Security Management Courses

Security Management Courses to become a go-to Expert

Security Management Courses to become a go-to Expert. Every company and its employees would like to experience the feeling of being safe and free from worry. This is the primary goal of the security management function.

Yet, achieving this state of security requires more than taking active precautions to guard against crime, sabotage, terrorism, kidnapping or espionage.

A Security Manager needs to understand the principles of asset protection before responding to perceived, rather than actual, threats in the workplace.

How does a Security Manager acquire such knowledge? Initially, the person wishing to become a security professional, needs to spend time working in a non-managerial role. This will involve a couple of years gaining experience as a guard, armoured vehicle driver, investigator, analyst, CCTV surveillance operator, locksmith, dog handler or in a variety of other functions in this growing industry.

The global security industry is estimated to be valued at over $ 100 billion annually and is growing at about 10%.each year. This industry needs people. You can be one of those people but you need to know how to differentiate yourself and earn the high figures you want. The best way to do this is by improving your skillset and capitalizing on your previous security industry experience.

At ZFA, we are a group of experienced professionals with a reputation for being the go-to Experts in our specific security disciplines.

To help you achieve similar success, we offer online and offline Security Management courses. Unlike our competitors, our courses give you a clear understanding of your job function and how you can make your employer even more successful.

Based on your previous work experience and level of education, we will expose you to the best short and high impact courses covering all aspects of Security Management. Our Experts can guide you when selecting any crime, intelligence or security related training module..

Our SAQA accredited module based training gives you the theory to understand the knowledge that you will acquire. These modules build on the experience you already have. They help you identify which area of the global security industry you really want to become a specialist: manpower protection, technical services, crisis management, cyber security, awareness training, investigator or consultant.

Completing one or all of our security management modules, you will understand both business and security principles. This understanding will help you align your employer’s strategic, tactical and operational goals with sound security practices.

One of the first techniques you will learn is how to conduct an effective security review of a company. You can then plan, implement and evaluate the current security procedures in place and provide expert advice. This will give its stakeholders the confidence they need whilst protecting operating profits

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