Ensure Your Security & Survival When Travelling

Our life-changing courses are delivered in Cape Town, South Africa
Executives, Media Professionals, Journalists, Aid Workers and any personnel travelling in Africa will benefit from our H.E.A.T courses by learning:

Emergency First Aid Techniques
Online Security Protocols
Self Defense Tactics
Anti-kidnapping Methods
  Hotel Security Awareness
  Survive Civil unrest
Counter Hostile Surveillance
Survive Any Disaster

As the only accredited travel security management company with experience in all 55 African countries, we provide you with practical instruction based on our own exposure to Hostile Environments on the continent.

The modules and the topics covered during our courses can be adapted to your specific travel requirements.

H.E.A.T. Course – Level 1

Online course to develop your situational awareness and survive everyday violent encounters.

H.E.A.T. Course – Level 2

2 day course covers all of Level 1 and includes emergency medicine, urban survival techniques and a kidnapping simulation

H.E.A.T. Course – Level 3

Three day course which covers Level 1 and Level 2, and a choice of: defensive driving or instinctive shooting or HEFAT.

Travel Risk MasterClass for Executives

One day virtual course that prepares delegates for safe and secure corporate travel