Ensure Your Staff Survive When Traveling

One, two or three day, life changing courses delivered throughout Africa
Company personnel travelling in Africa will benefit from attending our HEAT courses by learning:
  • A preparatory attitude rather than complacency
  • Self reliance techniques to cope without head office support
  • Practical skills to survive for more than 72 hours
  • Lessons learned from previous natural and man-made disasters
  • Survival kit construction using tried and tested kits
  • Professional survival solutions for individuals and groups.

As the only corporate survival training business operating in all 55 African countries, we provide our deligates with instruction based on our own exposure to Hostile Environment on the continent.

The modules and the topics covered during any course can be adapted by the clients needs.

H.E.A.T. Course – Level 1

One day course prepares delegates for safe corporate travel 

H.E.A.T. Course – Level 2

2 day course covers all of Level 1 and emergency medicine, urban survival

H.E.A.T. Course – Level 3

3 day course which covers everything to survive in any hostile environmnent

Personal Security and Safety workshop

4 hour course. Tactics on how to survive everyday violent encounters.