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Kidnap and Ransom: five strategies to escape

Kidnap and Ransom have been used as a means of extortion for millennia. During the 1st century B.C. many noble Romans were kidnapped by pirates but they made a mistake with Julius Caesar. During his kidnapping, the future Roman “Dictator perpetuus” treated his captures as subordinates and actually insisted that they increase their original ransom […]

Types of Rifles: ammunition and parts

There are a number of common types of rifles available today and they can be split into two, defined by what ammunition they fire. Long before the rifle was issued to soldiers, the musket was the most effective way of knocking down the enemy. By igniting gun powder a heavy lead ball was propelled down […]

Fishing in the wilderness: Five Techniques

Although there are different views from survival experts regarding trapping or catching food, most of us agree that fishing is one strategy that is worth trying.  Most fish you can catch are edible, easy to cook and tasty to eat.  However, as with any activity by understanding the principles you can be handsomely rewarded for […]

Types of Pistols: revolver and semi-automatic

One of the most common characteristics of a Hostile Environment is not the aggressive nature of people around you, but the haphazard emptying of various weapons. Often, the local populations express their grief or glee by firing bullets into the air, into the ground or at any object whether moving or not.  This puts you in the firing line […]

Survival Shelters

In the priorities of survival, as taught during our H.E.A.T. courses, protection from the elements is a # 1 consideration.  In a survival situation, especially in a Hostile Environment, personal protection must be your top priority.  Therefore, you need to know how to build the different types of survival shelters.  Sometimes, inclement weather can cause […]

Survival Duct Tape

During our H.E.A.T courses, attendees often ask what are the most important pieces of kit to pack when traveling to a Hostile Environment.  Although we discuss the design of survival kits and grab bags on Day One of the course, and issue a H.E.A.T. survival capsule™ to all attendees, experience has shown that the “redneck […]

The five most dangerous anti personnel mines

Recent stories in the Egyptian press have disclosed that vintage anti personnel mines in places like Tobrouk andEl Alamein (scenes of battles during World War II) still claim the lives of locals. The bulk of mines still used around the world are neither self-deactivating nor self-destructing, which suggests that future generations will be experiencing the same […]

Dirty Bomb and What to do in case of explosion

What to do if a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), such as a dirty bomb,  lands in your street The decision by the Big 5 (US, Russia, UK, China and France) to renounce their obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty is just one of several steps towards the realization of a nuclear war. Israel’s targeted […]

What is Anthrax and Four Steps to avoid its risks

Not all Hostile Environments are situated in emerging countries with poor infrastructure, corruption and inadequate law enforcement.  Sometimes, a Hostile Environment exists within the workplace, especially when anthrax is sent through the post. Many people though still wonder:  what is anthrax exactly?

Survival Knife

The necessity of a knife is obvious to those who carry one, but not so to those who don’t.  Yet, like fire, a knife has a myriad of uses ranging from a bushcraft knife to a combat knife and a general utility tool.  With a knife, you can cut, chop, batten, hammer, pry, create fire, […]