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Protective Strategies for Hot Environments

During our H.E.A.T courses, many attendees have commented about how the African sun often creates a unique, but dangerous, hot environment for survivors.  As a result, attendees know about the power of the sun, but often fail to understand the danger of operating in hot climates.  Learn which are the more effective  Strategies for protection […]

Countering a Suicide Bomber Attack

In any hostile environment, terrorist weapons involving munitions and explosive ordinance require three types of delivery systems: a missile, artillery shell or bomb launched from land, air or sea. landmines, improvised explosive devices (IED) or explosive weapons such as mortars or rocket-propelled grenades (RPG). suicide bomber

Dangerous killers and most common diseases in Africa

Here the most common diseases and causes of death in Africa. MALARIA The female mosquito (Anopheles Culex) infects its victims with a single-celled parasite called Plasmodium, which multiplies in red blood cells and causes malaria. When a female mosquito sucks blood from an infected person, the Malaria parasites reproduce in her body and migrate to […]

AVPU and Emergency Medicine

How you check for consciousness: the AVPU (Alert, Voice, Pain and Unresponsiveness) scale. On the HEAT course we teach Emergency Medicine rather than First Aid. First Aid promotes the ABC (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) system, although bleeding is the most common cause of avoidable death. In many hostile environments, you could face the threat of […]

Hostile Environments

The inner diversity of Africa Africa is the second largest continent on Earth and contains both the oldest and largest deserts in the world. The continent is home to almost 1 billion people who speak over 1000 different languages. Africa has huge mineral resources, abundant oil and vast areas that can be developed for agricultural […]