Why do you need a H.E.A.T Course?

Recent research by members of the American Psychologists Society suggests that the phrase ” Travel Safe” came into common parlance around 2006. Whether the phrase indicates an underlying concern by the speaker has yet to be determined but concerns about the safety and security of travel are realistic.
However, rather than worrying about whether travelling is safe, a more practical concern should be: What should I do when faced with a man- made or natural disaster?
Media reports, travelers’ experiences and an increasing trend to” target harden” vulnerable locations support the view that travelers need to take responsibility for their travel security by becoming more aware of the risks.
How you answer the following ten (10)questions should give you an indication about your own travel security preparedness and whether you might become a victim during a crisis or emergency.
1. Does your employer have a published corporate travel security policy and procedural guidelines for staff to review?
2. Are you provided with security and safety briefings before you travel outside of your home country on company business?
3. Do you understand both your and your employer’s obligations in terms of the company’s Duty of Care (DoC) protocols?
4. Which seat is the safest on an airplane?
5. Why should you always stay in an hotel room that is situated between the 2nd and 6th floors.
6.Which are your top two priorities in a survival situation which will ensure that you will live?
7. During an urban crisis when hospitals have been closed and pharmacies are boarded up, where can you get suitable  antibiotics and other medications to help you in a medical emergency?
8. What would you do if you suspected that you and your colleagues were under hostile surveillance by a country’s security agency?
9. How long do you need to boil water to make it safe to drink?
10. What three ( 3) items would you include in your tactical nightstand.  beside your bed when staying at an hotel?
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