Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Buy a handheld water filter (Aquamira Pro Replacement Series Iii GRN Line Filter, Aquamira Frontier Straw Filter) and drink clean water from any puddle, ditch or toilet.

A review of data available on the Department of Water and Sanitation’s website clearly shows that Cape Town is not facing its worst drought in recorded history. Rather, what the data proves is gross mismanagement of the Theewaterskloof Dam, which is Cape Town’s largest source of water supply.
Given that mismanagement, provincial government incompetence, corrupt tender practices and possible criminal behaviour are probably contributing factors to the current water crisis and will see the crisis repeated over the next few years how do you survive when the taps run dry?

To ensure that you remain suitably hydrated and functioning, consider the following:

1.Rather than rationing water, minimise your body’s loss of moisture. Get out of the sun and stay in the shade; cover up, especially your face, neck arms and feet; and breathe through your nose.
2. Ensure that you have access to potable water. You need to filter water first to remove any debris. You can do this by making a simple filter with a sock, a shirt sleeve or an empty plastic bottle. Once filtered, you can purify the water by bringing it to the boil; adding bleach or potassium permanganate; using the sun or UV rays from a steripen; or a filter.
3. Identify sources of water in your local area. Small streams, municipal water sources, neighbours’ swimming pools and public water points are all usable, if you have access and proper means for collection and storage.
4. Domestic houses have specific water resources apart from swimming pools. Water is held in the toilet cistern and (sometimes) in the bowl. Water can also be found in borehole or well point storage tanks, in solar heating piping and the geysers in the roof.
Learn how to survive in any urban environment when society collapses. Join one of our H.E.A.T. course and remain hydrated whatever happens to the dam levels.