6 steps to vehicle evacuation

Keep the pressure in your vehicle tyres lowered by 10%. This will improve traction and minimise wear and tear of your tyres.
The recent ambush of an Egyptian police convoy in the Sinai demonstrates the vulnerabilities of travelling by car in hostile environments. 
Hasm is the terrorist organisation that has claimed responsibility for attack. Hasm is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. As terrorists, they are using vehicle ambushes to kill members of the security forces.

Here are six tips to ensure that you can drive to safety during a collapse of the rule of law (RoL).

1. Always reverse park. You will then be facing the right direction in the event of an evacuation.
2. Always fill up the fuel tank whenever it is half full. In an emergency, petrol stations will be overcrowded and fights for fuel could slow down your evacuation. Plan ahead.
3. Keep basic supplies in your vehicle, especially before an evacuation. 
4. Keep non- electrical navigation equipment available and know how to use a map and a compass. GPS equipment fails, batteries go flat and the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems could be shut down by the government. Keep updated street and topographical maps in your ca, along with a compass.
5. Keep your evacuation vehicle in top n condition. Regularly check the oil and fuel levels; ensure that the brakes are working; check your spare tyre; and maintain a checklist of what is needed for an evacuation
6. Create several pre- planned evacuation routes. Traffic jams, vehicle accidents, loss of fuel and road blocks might prevent your convoy from travelling one route. Consider, too, that you might need to travel by foot or alternative means.
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