Our H.E.A.T courses are comprehensively structured to suit your schedule and availability, while covering a broad spectrum of topics.

Whilst we can tailor-make the course for you, see some of our most popular courses below:

Defensive Driving H.E.A.T course programme:

Defensive Driving Program

The H.E.A.T 2 Day Defensive driving course is an add on to any of our other courses. Each day is committed to a different driving environment: Urban and Rural. Practical exercises are given in anti-hijack drills, skip pad and vehicle recovery. We also teach you about negotiating different terrain such as, water, mud and sand. At the end of the course we do a review of what was learned on the course.

Day Kidnap Mitigation course programme:

Kidnap Mitigation

Take part in our most sought after 2 Day Kidnap Mitigation course. You will learn and experience kidnapping scenarios, the psychology of survival, handling a disaster and pre-planning. You will also get the chance to take part in “Resistance to interrogation exercise” and do some role playing. You will also be presented with a “Counter –and Anti-surveillance” lesson where you will learn about the equipment, techniques and tactics of surveillance. To ensure the proficiency of the course, there will be a Debrief on the 2 Day course provided.

Day H.E.A.T course programme:

H.E.A.T Programme 2014

Our 3 Day Hostile Environment Awareness Training course is one of the most competitive courses in survival training.  All our courses are both practical and theory,  in addition, we supply you with a portable survival kit and also teach you how to make your own.  We show you practical survival skills such as, making fire, sourcing water in hostile dry environments, how to find shelter as well as navigation. In this 3 Day H.E.A.T course there is an afternoon dedicated to doing “Range work” where you can explore a series of different firearms and all our courses are presented by reputable professional instructors.

Call us today to book your preferred H.E.A.T course or your own tailor-made programme. In the meantime, you can download our H.E.A.T Manual where you will find all the topics covered in the courses and more.