Nigerian kidnappings

Nigeria is no doubt becoming one of the world’s hottest spots for kidnappings and tourist attacks. The Liberty whitepaper reported that Nigeria has a very high risk of kidnapping especially in the hot spots of the Niger Delta boarder and northern Nigeria.

The target industries include mining, transportation and construction workers. International employees working in the oil industry are also becoming at high risk for kidnapping. Nigerian kidnappings are the most dangerous, including the abduction of the Chibok girls who still haven’t returned home.

In recent news, a German national was kidnapped in Nigeria on the 16th of July 2014. The man was abducted outside of his residence when he was leaving in the neighbourhood of Anguwan Faransa. The Liberty whitepaper also indicates that locations prone to kidnappings include workplaces, hotels and in transit. The German national is an instructor of a government-run technical school.

Reports by witnesses indicate that the kidnapping was carried out by approximately 20 militants on motorcycles. Although no group has admitted or taken responsibility for the abduction yet, Adamawa, where Anguwan Faransa is centralised, is a throttlehold for the notorious Islamist group Boko Haram.There are other militant groups active in the state of Adamawa.

Kidnappings in Nigeria and other African countries are on the rise and with the failure to capture and prosecute the groups involved, it is only getting worse.

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