Basic self-defence tips

There are countless reasons we can think of to convince you why you should learn even the most basic self-defence skills or tools that can come in very handy. Whether you do not feel safe walking alone or you would like to be able to protect a loved one in unfortunate events, this is a post for everyone.

Physical violence occurs anywhere at any time. Sometimes it is predicted but in most cases it is not. In the modern world of technology, people are so distracted when in public space, constantly referring to their cell phones, iPads or listening to music on their headsets. These incidents are not only distracting you from your surroundings but they are also an attraction to criminal attacks.

Here are some basic self-defence tips you should think of next time you are walking in an uneasy space:

  • Prevention is the best way. Always be aware of your surroundings while walking or even driving and always be alert and awake at   all times.
  • If you are in a building and you have an anxious feeling about the person you are in the elevator with, prevent them from attacking you by stopping at every floor.
  • React as early as possible before an attack can gain full control over you. Attack first the vulnerable parts of the body which include, nose, eyes, throat, groin, knees and stomach.
  • Use your elbows, knees and head to attack. These parts of your body are more effective to inflict pain.
  • Use everyday objects as weapons that can be found in the environment around you such as keys, pen, rolled newspaper as a baton, you can also throw some sand in the attacker’s eyes or use your spray or perfume.

Remember that all fighting skills depend on balance. These are just basic self-defence tips that you can use in your daily life. However, in our H.E.A.T Manual we take you step by step on how to effectively defend yourself in seriously hostile attacks.

Our comprehensive basic self-defence skills will give you a physical strategy you should follow if you find yourself in a physical predicament.

DOWNLOAD our H.E.A.T survival manual today and learn more about effective basic self-defence skills.


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