Kidnap and exploitation of women

Kidnap and exploitation of women in Africa and other parts of the world is increasing by the day. Here is a brief post on some of the kidnap and exploitation of women in and around Africa.

Inside the islands of India, Andaman Islands’ Jarawa tribe have been experiencing a host of incidents linked to kidnapping and exploitation. In early 2014, the Jawara tribe reported to authorities eight women missing. The eight women’s incident was reported following a string of extreme sexual exploitation of Jawara women.

Seven men were arrested following the report of the alleged abducted and kidnapped vulnerable Jarawa women. It is reported that the Jarawa tribe “have only had friendly interaction with their neighbours since 1998 and are highly vulnerable to exploitation, diseases, and dependency on goods such as alcohol brought in by outsiders”. It was found that the women were being enticed with alcohol and used by poachers for hunting and gathering inside the tribe’s reserve.

Kidnap and exploitation of women in poverty stricken environments is irrevocably increasing. Other motives may include human trafficking, slavery and sexual labour. In Africa, kidnapping motives may vary for different reasons, some include, political reasons, exchange of terrorist group members, as well as power over land.

In recent news, kidnap and exploitation of women has taken centre stage in Africa and around the world. The Boko Haram kidnapping is still one of the most highly sought after kidnapping scenarios across the globe, with a whopping 200 and more girls kidnapped. According to, more than 600 people have been victims of Boko Haram through kidnappings and terrorists acts across Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

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