Al-Shaab attacks in Africa

Al-Shaab attacks in Africa
Notorious rebel group Al-Shaab has once again proved that it is a force that will do whatever it takes to get its point across. The Somalia-based cell of the militant Islamist group Al-Qaeda took centre stage in the news in the first week of July 2014 when it was reported that a major bomb and armed assault was carried out against the presidential palace in Somalia. The famous militant attackers managed to infiltrate the heavily-fortified complex of the presidential palace before blowing themselves up.

Officials reported that there at least nine attackers who were all killed in the tragic attack. The officials also went on to say that “there were eight blasts towards the end of the fighting, believed to have been suicide vests. They detonated themselves”. However, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed were not inside or anywhere near the presidential palace when the incident occurred, therefore both men were unharmed. Sources from the security force reported that both the President and the Prime Minister were protected by guards from the African Union’s 22 000 strong AMISOM force.

Al-Shaab spokesman Abdulaziz Abu Musab told AFP that “”Our commandos are inside the so-called presidential office”. During confirmation and admission the proud spokesman added, “The enemy suffered high casualties during the operation, which is ongoing. The assault is a victory for us since the foreign installed government said that security was beefed up”. Police and authorities conducted investigations on numbers of casualties and the types of bombs used. Nicholas Kay, UN’s top envoy to Somalia condemned the attack on Somalia’s government.

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