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6 Treatments for travel sickness

All travel involves motion. Do something as soon as you feel queasy. Whether you travel by car, plane, boat or train, you can experience motion sickness. This feeling of being unwell is caused by the relationship between movement, balance and your inner ear. Typically, motion sickness is caused by the mixed messages received by your […]

How to eat in a hostile environment

According to the Rule of Three, you can survive 3 weeks without food. But, why starve when a little preparation can go a long way? Eating food is a basic human need. Ideally, the food should be nutritious and filling but people’s tastes differ considerably. Whatever your food preferences, all food is a source of […]

6 Steps to Protect Yourself from Landmines.

Cluster munitions are air or ground based explosives that release smaller sub munitions. Are you at risk? For the past decade, the United States has prohibited the use of cluster munitions because of their threat to civilian populations. This ban had been lifted. For some victims, the ban was meaningless as several African countries have […]

Get any information you want from anybody

When media stories about successful hacking attacks make headlines, the public perception is that the ability to hack is a mysterious and dark art. Often, the image is one of a young, socially inept but really clever computer nerd, typing complicated code on his keyboard. Yet, the reality is much simpler. Hacking is defined as […]

How to survive a shooting

How to survive a shooting         The thinking behind your best response to an active shooter divides the survivalist world. Read on to discover what to do to remain safe. There is an ongoing debate in various forums and amongst both security and survival professionals as to how to survive an active shooter. Certainly, the number […]

How to tell if someone is lying

How to tell if someone is lying Despite the prevailing use of polygraph testing in some national intelligence agencies, law enforcement departments and businesses, there is no evidence that the tests work. A lie is a verbal statement that is supposed to be false. Whilst there are many reasons as to why people lie, all […]

How to travel safely aboard an aircraft

Although the recent figures from the International Civil Aviation Organisation suggests that flying is perfectly safe, you should still take some safety precautions.  The highest number of fatalities occur on a motorcycle, which is 3000 times more risky than flying. Travelling in a truck or car is about 100 times more dangerous and train travel […]

The Value of Every Day Carry (EDC)

The concert hall was packed and local parking was limited and in high demand. Nonetheless, we found parking in a levelled building site within walking distance of the concert venue. Paying the entrance fee, we were directed to one of the few parking spots left. We were assured that all vehicles were parked in such […]

How to Survive a Prison in Africa

Prisons are one of the most hostile environments on the planet. Whilst some institutions have televisions in the cells and good food in the canteen, the majority of prisons in Africa pose a serious threat to one’s mortality. When Diwani (a suspect in his wife’s murder trial) fought extradition to South Africa on the grounds […]

Prevent getting attacked in your car or home.

  The number of home invasions is rising. Whilst the FBI reckons that there are 15 000 home invasions each day in North America, Other figures suggest that a forced door entry occurs every 12 seconds. Whilst these figures refer to North America, similar figures have been reported (as proportional ratios) in more benign countries […]