Prevent getting attacked in your car or home.


The number of home invasions is rising. Whilst the FBI reckons that there are 15 000 home invasions each day in North America, Other figures suggest that a forced door entry occurs every 12 seconds. Whilst these figures refer to North America, similar figures have been reported (as proportional ratios) in more benign countries such as England or Switzerland.

Whatever the reported figures, criminals are becoming more involved in home invasions because they are efficient. Burglarizing a home when the owners are out is safe but not necessarily profitable. Kicking in the front or backdoor causes fear and confusion for the occupants. After being threatened or actually tortured, most victims explain where the safe is or where they have hidden cash and jewellery.

6 ways to protect yourself against a home invasion

  1. Ensure that your perimeter is strong. Whether your perimeter extends to the boundary line or your front door, you need to provide an effective barrier against unauthorised access.
  2. Install a wide-angle peephole in your front door with a three point Mul-Ti- lock. If the door is strong enough, you will create a delaying mechanism for further attacks.
  3. Be wary of home invasion by deception. Uniforms and clipboards are no guarantee that the wearer is genuine. Always ask for a positive ID and ring the caller’s boss if you have any submissions.
  4. Be very cautious of a distressed caller preying on your compassion. If they request access to make a call or to use the bathroom, deny access.
  5. Install an alarm and keep a dog as a pet. Both the device and the animal will provide you with an early warning system and act as an effective deterrent.
  6. Consider creating a mutual aid organisation in your neighbourhood. Everyone is looking out for everybody else and your security, but not your privacy, is maintained. Have a list of your neighbours by name and contact details. Maintain regular contact and build a profile of the criminal activities in your area. Share this information and empower others.

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H.E.A.T. tip: If you are alone in the house when the door is knocked, call out loudly: “I will see who it is”. This will create the impression that you are not alone.