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6 Ways to Protect Yourself against Nerve Agents

In Chemical Warfare, nerve agents are the most prevalent weapon. They affect the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system. The UK Intelligence community has confirmed that a former Russian military intelligence officer and his daughter were recently killed in an English town by a nerve agent called Novichok. The bodies of the Russian’s […]

6 Steps for your Password Security

Your level of online privacy is only as good as your level of  online security. Your password is the first line of defence when securing your identity against potential fraudsters, scammers, organised crime and others wanting unauthorised access to your private information. Yet, most people surf the Internet for the convenience it offers and do […]

Hostile Environment Cooking

For many individuals preparing for a hostile environment, food is critical. But, you do not need to pack a lot of rations to survive. Many bug out bags are heavy because of ration packs and food supplies. Yet, you can survive many days without food, albeit uncomfortably. However, to carry extra food is not necessary, […]

How to live out of your bug out bag

The general rule of thumb is to carry no more than 25% of your bodyweight. Are you fit enough? Every  hostile environment will involve the collapse of local infrastructure. Whilst private cars and trucks might be available, there is a very real possibility that you will be relying on your legs for personal transport. If […]

6 Steps for Evading Dogs

There are approximately half a billion dogs in the world. How do you evade them after escaping from unlawful custody?All dogs bite and any dog can alert others to your presence. The military, law enforcement and private security companies in Africa often  use them as both watchdogs and bloodhounds.Irrespective of breed, such dogs share common […]

6 Step Workout for Optimal Fitness

Most people cannot run a mile ( 1600 metres) or do 10 push ups. Are you fit enough to survive in a hostile environment? A hostile environment is characterised by a natural or man-made made disaster; no rule of law; collapsed infrastructure; unexploded landmines; sectarian violence and armed militias. Generally, you face two choices in […]

How to Blend in When Panic Reigns.

Hiding in plain sight is a useful defence strategy. Common in the natural world where chameleons look like twigs and fish lie on the sea bed, it is also useful when you find yourself in societal collapse. Experience of various hostile environments in Africa has shown that mobs sometimes target specific ethnic groups. Government troops […]

6 Everyday radio calls in Morse

The SOS distress signal does not stand for anything. The … _ _ _ … was easy to transmit in Morse code. Before the standardisation of an international distress signal in July 1908, other countries had their own signals. Germany used SOE, Italy SSSDDD and Britain transmitted CQD. At the Berlin conference, it was recognised […]

6 Ways to Create an Urban Shelter

Storm drains and sewers provide excellent shelter in a collapsed city. When operating in an urban environment, the biggest risk you face is other people. If you have a fully loaded rucksack or vehicle packed with provisions, you will be a target. People who are thirsty, hungry and destitute will be encouraged to think how […]

6 Techniques and Never Get Lost in a City Again.

If you ever see a helicopter hovering near a road sign, the pilot is probably ” temporarily embarrassed as to my location”. If you have ever felt that growing dread when you realise that you are lost, here are some proven techniques to help you get back on track. Learn these 6 techniques and never […]