A selected group of highly qualified H.E.A.T. Survival Instructors will teach you how to face Hostile Environments.

Benedict N. Weaver

Benedict N. Weaver M.A (Oxon) CPP CIP is the Founder and Managing Partner of H.E.A.T, a company that teaches proven survival tactics for company personnel operating in hostile environments. Educated at Ampleforth and New College, Benedict is Board-Certified in both Security Management (CPP) and Competitive Intelligence (CIP).  Following his graduation from Oxford, Benedict spent several years working for a British security organisation.  After emigrating to South Africa, Benedict founded a Pan African Corporate Intelligence firm and has spent the last decade providing professional survival solutions to clients operation in hostile environments throughout Africa.

Sue Fox

Sue Fox is a lay-counsellor involved in trauma and grief support.  She is aware that, and has learned from experience, to give people some understanding of what they are going through helps ‘normalise’ things for them in a very abnormal situation.  Training has been in the area of trauma, Traumatic Incident Reduction (T.I.R) and grief.  Her passion is to throw people an emotional life-line when they are floundering.

David Rabie

David Rabie is an entrepreneur and ex military survival specialist with a degree in B.Sc (biochemistry, microbiology). With many years of survival experience, he is a firm believer that survival begins in the mind and has a strong dependence on emotional intelligence, and the psychological approach to survival – even in every day living. David is passionate about the development of “today’s youth – tomorrow’s leaders” through the use of the Wilderness Experience” and Survival Training as an experience.

Adriaan Bosch

Adriaan Bosch worked as a Professional Hunter and a farm Manager in Nelspruit before traveling to the UK. He joined Her Majesty’s Army as an infantryman. He went to Iraq in 2004 on Op Telic 4 as part of C Company 1PWRR as an armoured dismount and team medic. After a first tour was selected to do the sniper cadre and joined Sniper platoon at the end of 2004 based in Paderborn, Germany. He went back to Iraq in 2006 on OP Telic 8 as part of 1 Armoured Brigades Airborne Interdiction and House Assault Platoon as a Covert Team Commander. He left the army in 2007 after 5 years and came back to South Africa and founded his own travel company and started working as a bodyguard doing close protection for a whole list of celebrities including Sharon Stone, Morgan Freeman, Wayne Brady etc. After these years, he started his “real job” as the Risk Manager for De Zalze Wineland Golf Estate. Then he became Area Manager for a security company and is now employed as the Security and Risk Manager for Pearl Valley Golf Estate one of the Top 5 Golf Estates in South Africa.

Eva Nolle

Eva Nolle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Risk and Security Management from the University of Public Administration in Bremen, Germany.  After graduating, she followed her passion for the African continent and moved to work in Cape Town, South Africa.  After living in South Africa and traveling to various countries, Eva has learned much about diseases in Africa and has developed a professional interest in emergency medicine and psychology of survival.  Based on her experiences, she feels it is important to pass her gained knowledge onto others who will face the same challenges when visiting or emigrating to this continent of conflict.

Sean Newman

Sean Gavin Newman has actively involved in the Firearm industry for 26 years.  He is a qualified gun maker and a Firearm instructor at three nationally accredited firearm training organizations.  He actively partakes in most shooting sports including Practical Pistol, Clay Target shooting and long range rifle shooting; a dedicated hunter and sportsman.  He worked for some of the most prestigious gun makers in the world, such as Dawson Precision (makers of Law Enforcement and competition pistols) in the USA, and Holland and Holland London, producers of fine English Shotguns and Rifles. Currently he is working as gun maker in his capacity, based in Cape Town, South Africa.


Mariam Lakay

As Director of Operations at Zero Foundation, Mariam Lakay is a second Dan Kyokushin Kaikan in karate and has extensive operational experience within Africa. She is a licensed firearm user and defensive driver, Mariam has been exposed to a range of scenarios involving counter-surveillance and electronic counter measures. Whilst traveling on the African continent and handling close protection details, Mariam has been exposed to a variety of Hostile Environments, especially in conflict zones of East Africa. Mariam shares her operational experience and preparedness planning with attendees during our H.E.A.T. course.