Top 5 Self Defence Tips

The self defence techniques described below are intended to be used in a self defence situation only. However, although you are advised to comply with the relevant national and local laws regarding the use of force, sometimes you have no option, but to use your bare hands. Becoming a seasoned and experienced street fighter takes one on one instruction and hours of practice. So these techniques involve gross motor moves and will help you when in a prison cell, backstreet, African “shabeen” or any other hostile environment where other people could kill or cripple you. Read more

Survival food, what to eat in a hostile environment

During our H.E.A.T courses, attendees often express a concern as to what to eat in a hostile environment, they ask us about survival food.

Specifically the attendees want to know which edible wild plant they can eat or at least how to identify poisonous plants for humans.  

Recent studies of Supply Chain Management have established that most urban environments only store sufficient food resources for 72 hours or, more appropriately, 9 meals.  Therefore, should you be in a situation whereby civil order has collapsed, strikes often prevent delivery to supermarkets and retail outlets have been ransacked and you need to fend for yourself, the following principles of survival should be followed. Read more