Survival Shelters

In the priorities of survival, as taught during our H.E.A.T. courses, protection from the elements is a # 1 consideration.  In a survival situation, especially in a Hostile Environment, personal protection must be your top priority.  Therefore, you need to know how to build the different types of survival shelters.  Sometimes, inclement weather can cause you greater problems than any perceived threat from government surveillance or dangerous disease.

If your clothing becomes wet and there is wind, the chill factor will make you cold very quickly.  Coupled to low energy, because of a lack of food, your morale will drop and being cold, wet and hungry could kill you.

Likewise, in the desert, lack of adequate clothing and exposed skin can result in dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and death.

Notwithstanding the use of an effective layering system for your clothing to counter various weather conditions, you will also need to consider the different types of shelters that you can use in either urban or rural environment.

In an urban environment, shelters Read more