Reduce Your
Exposure to Costly
K&R Claims

Reduce Your
Exposure to Costly
K&R Claims

Insurance Companies & Underwriters

Whether you are an insurance company or an underwriter, you need your clients to attend Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

This specialized training dramatically reduces the risks of kidnapping and other threats to your clients which in turn reduces your exposure to costly claims.

Our kidnap mitigation services will work hand in hand with your K&R Insurance policies.

We offer specialized training and consultancy services for your select clients who could be prone to:

  • abduction,
  • kidnapping,
  • hijacking,
  • armed assault
  • and violent civil unrest when traveling to Africa on business.

We would like to prepare your clients with our Hostile Environment Awareness Training course, which will in turn dramatically reduce your exposure to costly claims. We can even partner with you and white-label our training course.

We are based in Cape Town and have been hired by Vodacom, Old Mutual, Mail on Sunday, De Beers, Commonwealth War Graves and many international travel risk management companies.

Let’s get in touch to discuss further how Zero Foundation Africa can benefit you and your clients.

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