6 Tips to Prevent you Becoming Drunk

How to out think any drinker

A drinking culture exists in many countries, even those with strict prohibition in place. 

A drinking culture, by definition, means customs and practices involved with consuming alcohol. Whether we talk about the French, who drink to savour the flavour; the Phillipines, where an opened bottle must be finished; Australia where binge drinking is glorified; or Spain, where workers enjoy a beer with a brandy chaser for brunch, drinking is socially acceptable.

 Despite this acceptance, the consumption of alcohol can have negative effects on a person. Common effects include impaired judgement, distorted vision, memory loss and decreased coordination. As a non- drinker, you can take advantage of these short term effects on your drinking companions. But how do you drink with them, without getting drunk?

6 tips to prevent you becoming drunk

  1. Eat a quantity of fatty foods before drinking alcohol. Whether you eat bread and butter or ice cream, fatty foods will inhibit inebriation.
  2. Pay the barman to control the drinks: large quantities for the target; smaller quantities for yourself, but the same volume of mixer
  3. Lift the glass to your lips but only sip the drink
  4. Proactively refill the target’s glass once it becomes half full
  5. Mix a teaspoon of active dry yeast ( containing the ADH enzyme)  with plain yogurt and swallow. Ideally, one teaspoon per 350ml of drink before you start.
  6. Take 300mg of  Dihydromyricetin ( hovenia dulcis extract) and neutralise the effects of alcohol intoxication.


H.E.A.T. tip: Hold a glass of sparkling water, with ice and lemon, by your side. This suggests a self- confident drinker but you will always be sober.

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