6 Techniques for Improving your Functional Strength

When you enter a hostile environment you need to be fit to survive. Read on to learn how.

For many of us, fitness is a concept that evokes images of running on a treadmill, grunting under heavy weights or chatting over a latte in the gym cafe. Unfortunately, none of these activities will give you the functional fitness you need to train for life, not events.

Simply put, functional fitness is achieved by a combination of balance and coordination with improved strength and range of motion.


6 techniques for improving your functional strength


  1. Recognise the phases you must go through to become fit: excitement and high motivation; self-doubt; conquering self- doubt; growing confidence; new challenges.The most psychologically beneficial phase is conquering your self- doubt.


  1. Replace jogging with high intensity sprints. This interval training might include 30 second sprints followed by 2 minutes of slow walking. Do this for 20 minutes to start and increase your time and the number of repeat sprints.


  1. Lift heavy weights. Do not do so at the gym with a weight machine. These weight machines do not exercise the little stabilisation muscles which will enable you to climb fences, search rubble or carry goods in a hostile environment.


  1. Challenge your balance on a stable environment, rather than a BOSU ball or other such equipment. By conducting exercises on stable ground, you will be able to handle heavier weights at a greater intensity. You will get stronger,  quicker.


  1. Build your power by carrying out quick and explosive movements. Use plyometrics to practice explosive push ups, squat jumps and Olympic lifts.


  1. Increase your planes and range of motion.Add rotational exercises to keep your back healthy and develop a powerful core.

H.E.A.T.tip: Spend time on your feet carrying a heavy rucksack. Simply increase the weight of the pack and the distance you will cover each week. Soon, you will look and behave like Superman.

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