SHTF gear

The prepper community and survivalist community post more checklists than an airline pilot. Whilst checklists are useful, they can also limit one’s thinking. 

For some, they will never leave home without a fishing kit and a condom. Yet, have they ever  tried to catch fish in their neighborhood or attempted to fill and carry water in a condom?

Others recommend carrying a few MREs and a gas or biofuel stove. But, the bulk of these items far outweigh the benefits of speed that travelling light provides.

Before filling a bag with all the absolute necessities you think you might need in a SHTF scenario, practice using some EDC ( every day carry) items on a regular basis. If you do not use items in your EDC container on a regular basis, review what you have packed and consider alternatives.

That said, herewith 6 SHTF gear items that you can easily pack into a small tin, Tupperware or pouch for daily use:

  1. A means of making fire- lighter, ferrochromium rod, tinder
  2. A means of handling water- non lubricated condom, purification tablets, potassium permanganate
  3. A means of cutting- folding knife, scalpel, hacksaw blade
  4. A means of signalling- a whistle, torch, mirror
  5. A means of navigation- button compass, magnet, pen and paper
  6. A means of nutrition- hard candy, corn syrup, dried meat/ cheese 

Tip: Do not eat unless you have water.

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