False Bay Shooting Club

Instinctive Combat Shooting Techniques

Whilst our H.E.AT courses teach a range of skills including using weapons, we do not recommend traveling across borders with a gun. Therefore, we suggest that you practice certain drills and become familiar with a sidearm in the event that you find one to use. Remember, one characteristic of hostile environments, there is no rule or law and you need to take your protection into your own hands.

Whilst ex Special Forces (SS) instructors on H.E.A.T courses will recommend a 9mm semi auto pistol such as Browning, Sig-sauer or Glock. These weapons can be large and fairly bulky depending on your build and hand size. A semi-automatic has advantages over a six-revolver as you can double fire power and have faster reload times. Unfortunately, semi-automatic pistols are also prone to stoppages the causes of such stoppages are dirty working parts, a weak magazine spring or damaged rounds, so clean and oil your weapon daily, check your ammo and do not leave your magazine full for long periods of time however , stoppages are not very common with a revolver.

This article is about the instinctive shooting techniques of combat pistol shooting known as instinctive combat shooting in other words, you do not aim, because you usually do not have the time.
One suitable and easy to conceal semi-automatic is the Argintinian Versa Funda that fires a .22 Long round. Although this round lacks the stopping power of a .45 calibre pistol; by firing accurately you will have a more effective defence than simply carrying and brandishing a larger calibre weapon which will prove difficult to aim and therefore be inaccurate.

Before range and firing 2000 rounds in practice, you need to acquire following:
•    A robust spring loaded and quick release hip or shoulder holster
•    A tailor made jacket that provides good concealment for your weapon
As you cannot undo buttons easily in an emergency situation, your jacket button should conceal quick release pop studs.On the same side of your jacket that you wear your holster, sew two light lead weights into the hem. This technique will help your coat to open out naturally when you have to turn and draw your weapon quickly. Practice with your tailored jacket and concealed holster and you will rapidly learn the benefits of such quick instinctive shooting techniques.

To train in the method of instinctive combat shooting technique you need to practice bringing your pistol up at arm’s length to centre of chest and pointing your pistol at the target with both hands on pistol grip; your head and both your eyes will be focused down the barrel of the weapon and you will then squeeze off two quick shots.

To practice instinctive combat shooting technique on a range stand between 3 and 4 metres away from your man size target, keep your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold your pistol in both hands pointing midway between you and the target and on the command ”up” quickly raise your weapon keeping your arms slightly bent at the elbow, look down barrel of your weapon and snap off 2 quick shots- a double tap. Your point of aim (POA) should be at the centre of the target. After 2000 round of practice you should be hitting tight groups. When you can do this fairly consistently, put your point of aim to the head. Remember, you are practicing instinctive combat shooting techniques and are not actually aiming.

When you first start instinctive shooting, you may have difficulty even hitting target, check your firing position and persevere. Next, you must learn how to draw from your holster in this position. A quick release helps you to snatch your weapon from its holster and point it at your target. By snatching your weapon straight forward, you are now drawing it out of its holster and pointing it. Practice with an unloaded weapon until you feel confident to handle loaded.

After practicing your snatch from the holster; practice when wearing your jacket. Depending on which hand you use to shoot, use one hand to pull the jacket open and other to snatch and fire. Also practice firing with one hand and train to put two shots into targets head consistently.

On our H.E.A.T course we show you the instinctive tactical shooting techniques as well as how to judge distance both inside building an outside field. In this way, you can practice combat pistol shooting and know how to use a gun to protect yourself and others in a hostile situation.