Dirty Bomb and What to do in case of explosion

What to do if a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), such as a dirty bomb,  lands in your street

The decision by the Big 5 (US, Russia, UK, China and France) to renounce their obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty is just one of several steps towards the realization of a nuclear war. Israel’s targeted assassination programme against Iranian nuclear scientists has hardened Iran’s determination to create a nuclear weapon.

Iran, North Korea and other countries have engaged in nuclear proliferation which has prompted policy changes for the use of nuclear weapons. Whether the use of such weapons is “limited”, the ongoing war against terror and ideological differences between the West and the rest of the world, suggests that a nuclear detonation, even if only a “dirty bomb”, might be witnessed within the next generation.

If a “dirty bomb” does explode in your street, you will need a strongpoint to retreat into.

This strongpoint must be situated in a structurally strong part of the house, such as a windowless bathroom, under the stairs or a simple mattress stacked on a sturdy table.

If living in an apartment, you need to create your own structurally sound shelter by selecting a room that you can equip with stocks of food and water. Women’s tights can be secured with a rubber band of a filter tap or plumbing stop-cock to act as a makeshift filter for possible pollutions in the water supply.

Water is your primary need after you have occupied your shelter. Therefore, you need to stock up with at least five days’ supply of water, depending on the number of people and pets you need to shelter.

You will also need a variety of tinned foods in stock. Dried food stuffs will need to be reconstituted with fuel and water which will be in short supply.

Lastly, use duct tape to temporarily secure doors, windows and ventilations systems, servicing your shelter. Be careful and if a candle flame starts to die, you will need to pull back the tape before you die.

Vital equipment for your shelter:

–         Duct tape

–         Bottles of water

–         Covered bucket with camphor

–         Canned food or self-heating products

–         Candles and matches

–         Wined up radio and torch

–         Potassium Iodate

–         Warm clothing and blankets

–         A gas cooker with kettle and brew kit