Cape Town kidnapping

kidnap courseThe kidnapping and beheading of Robin Kemper is both a tragedy and a lesson. It is a tragedy because it was a senseless murder. It is a lesson because the beheading was designed to send a message. To whom and why remains unknown.

A beheading is not a typical act of violence by South African criminals. The recent study of murders on Free State  farms over the past decade has suggested that when beheading have occurred, the murderers were foreigners. Were Kemper’s abductors paid foreigners or was their act a copy cat beheading to instill fear? If so, to whom and why?

Meanwhile, there are lifesaving lessons to be learned from this incident. Every criminal act follows these six steps:

  1. Target selection
  2. Planning
  3. Resources allocation
  4. Attack
  5. Escape
  6. Exploitation

As one of the few companies globally, and the only one in South Africa, Zero Foundation provides specialised training and consultancy to executives who are prone to abduction, detention, kidnapping and restraint. 

Whether at home, at the office, in public or in transit, we show you the tried and tested techniques to remain safe and secure.

By stopping the criminal cycle, you will survive and your loved one’s will be protected.

H.E.A T. tip: Always try to escape within the first 24 hours of a kidnapping. You will be hydrated, fed and rested, albeit scared. After a few  days, you will be much weaker and probably hurt.