6 ways to eat your catch

Fish is a valuable source of protein. Learn how to cook your catch here.

Fish is a vital component of any well-being balanced diet and is a useful source of protein, especially in a survival situation. Research has shown that the Omega-3 (a   polyunsaturated fatty acid) found in fish is beneficial to one’s health. In a survival situation, you need to know where to fish and how to eat your catch.

In Africa, there are abundant resources of fish in rivers and lakes, as well as along the coastal areas. In these areas, attach a weight to your line ( improvise with paracord) along with a hook made from a bent pin. Bait the hook with some local foodstuff ( bread, grubs or insects) and lower the line into the water. When the weight hits the bottom, raise your line jiggle it a few times to attract fish. 

6 ways to eat your catch

  1. Clean your fish by cutting along its belly from the jaw to its tail. 
  2. Remove the innards and wash the gutted fish in water.
  3. You can preserve your fish by using a variety of methods. In a survival situation, you might salt,brine, smoke or dry your fish. Just ensure that you are careful and ensure that the fish does not rot or is eaten by scavengers.
  4. Whilst you can eat fish raw, it is better to cook it once caught. For this, you need a fire.
  5. Cut off the head unless you want to cook the whole fish on a spit or wrapped in leaves.
  6. Spear the fish with a sharp stick. Support the stick and rotate it over the fire, turning slowly so that the fish does not burn. You will smell when it is ready to eat.

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H.E.A.T. tip: Sprinkle Rotenone ( a fish poison derived from tropical plants) on the water. Any fish exposed to the toxicant cannot breathe and will swim to the surface.