6 tips to secure your home by thinking like a burglar

6 tips to secure your home by thinking like a burglar

Burglars have effective ways to break into your property. They can use a ladder and spray expanding foam into the external alarm box; or ring your alarm system manufacturer and elicit the engineer’s shut down code. Here are 6 tips to secure your home by thinking like a burglar.


There is also a small device (still classified) that can be placed on the keypad and instantly display the correct alarm code. As it works on over 70% of installed keypads, the device is often used by professional burglars.

Alternatively, to scale high walls, burglars can use Spiderman Suckers. Operated by compressed air, the unit has four vacuum pads and a carrying capacity of over a tonne.

How do you protect your home?

1. Conduct a site survey of your property. Start with a walk around the perimeter and move into the house. Identify unlocked windows and doors.
2. Look at the most obvious points of entry. Strengthen doors and windows. Place alarm control panels away from the front door.
3. As locks on sliding doors are typically of poor quality, insert a wooden rod in the lower track.
4. You should replace all door locks with a high security locking device and install deadbolts on all external doors.
5. Review all access routes to your property. Install motion detector lights with camera surveillance to alert you of trespassers.
6. Lock up and alarm your garage and tool shed. These areas might not be the main target of attack but they do provide tools that a burglar can use to break into the house.

There are many other cost effective solutions and strategies to protect yourself, your home and your possessions.

For more than 6 tips to secure your home by thinking like a burglar and if you want to make your home impregnable, attend our Personal Safety and Security course or take the online course.

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