6 Pieces of Kit to Reclaim your Privacy

For every eavesdropping bug, telephone tap and spy camera  sold, there are probably 30 people or more who suspect that they are under surveillance.

The Information Age has brought many benefits to humanity and has provided unique opportunities for making our lives more convenient and comfortable. Unfortunately, this convenience and comfort comes at a price. The expectation of our right to  everyday privacy has disappeared and the Electronic Invasion is impacting on our private lives and business affairs at an accelerating pace.

More and more corporate travellers are finding themselves the target of hostile surveillance by government agencies, organised crime and unscrupulous competitors. Hidden cameras monitor our daily activities in malls, banks and hotels. Business meetings are recorded, people covertly filmed and vehicles tracked to help burglars know when your home is empty.

Although many people think that surveillance devices only exist in James Bond and other fictional works, a brief internet trawl shows how easily one can acquire and learn to use such devices simply and quickly. 

6 pieces of kit to reclaim your privacy

  1. If you suspect that you are under surveillance, from a government agency or private firm, call in a professional TSCM ( aka ” sweep”) team to check your communication systems.
  2. Use a mobile phone jammer to prevent the inadvertent or deliberate misuse of your phone.
  3. Given the proliferation of mobile phones, consider deploying an audio jammer at your next staff meeting. By generating a random masking sound that disrupts microphones, your conversations will not be monitored or recorded.
  4. You can ruin any radio signal by emitting white noise in the room. Also known as a  “cocktail tape”, these random sound recordings disrupt the eavesdroppers ability to record your communications.
  5. Protect yourself from a home invasion by jamming the GPS/ GLONASS system in the gps device in your car. These jammers are illegal in the United States but not elsewhere( yet) and work in most cities where there is in an Uber driver.
  6. Locate covert cameras with a laser- based video camera finder. Once the pocket- sized laser detects a hidden video camera lens, the lens glows. This can be viewed and identified by a glow visible in the device’s viewfinder.

There are many new ways to spy on private citizens and companies. Learn about these threats and how to counter them on one of our H.E.A.T. courses.


If you find a transmitting device in your boardroom, replace it’s battery with a weaker one. Wait and see who comes into the boardroom to fix the ” problem”.