The Zero Foundation HEAT course

A three-day course inCape Town


Our experiences in many Hostile Environments on the African continent have shown that company executives and key personnel are at risk not only when in public (at a government office, official function or gathering), but also in their offices and homes.

Also, when travelling around the country or commuting between their homes and offices, you, your executives and key personnel are most likely at risk.


Our three-day HEAT course is run by the only corporate survival training company situated in Africa with its headquarters inCape Town.

As a pan-African firm operating in all 55 African countries, we provide our attendees with practical experience based on our own exposure to Hostile Environment on the continent.

Our professional survival solutions are tried and tested in a range of diverse and dangerous situations.


Whilst some of the course involves presentations on the psychology of survival and lessons learned from natural and political disasters, much of the course involves the practical demonstration and practice of life-saving skills and survival solutions.


On completion of Zero Foundation’s three-day HEAT course, you will be equipped with the ability to operate effectively in any Hostile Environment on the African continent.


Apart from practical survival skills and knowledge as to how to cope in stressful hostage or disasters situations, you will also learn the importance of information security.

By understanding the security protocols that should be followed when operating in Hostile Environments, you and your company’s reputation and operations will remain secure.


The modules and the topics covered during the course can be chosen by the attendees. Yet, the regular course consists of both indoor presentations about the psychology of survival and some case studies and outdoor activities, such as self-defence, range work and 4×4 driving skills.