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Make a fire like a pyromaniac

Make a fire like a pyromaniac. Fire was controlled by humans over a million years ago. Yet, the ability to make a fire has been lost to many in the modern world. Although we have several fire starting devices such as matches, lighters and piezo igniters, few people can light a fire quickly and ensure […]

Which bag to choose in an emergency?

Which bag to choose in an emergency? There are many descriptions of the type of bag to take with you in an emergency. However, whatever the bag is called, the contents need to be lightweight, functional and applicable to your surroundings. To help you choose those contents, consider these two types of bags: a ” […]

How to save a life when travelling

How to save a life when travelling. Travel can be dangerous, especially if an emergency occurs and there is no suitable medical infrastructure or resources available. If this happens, you need to be prepared and use your individual first aid kit ( IFAK). Your IFAK can be small and compact but needs to be more […]

Never travel without this risk assessment

You should never travel without this risk assessment. The security professional is responsible for protecting these 4 key assets of an organisation: Property, People, Information and Reputation. Yet, each industry has its own focus on risk whether it be financial, operational or digital. However, only one risk has the potential to create a perfect storm […]