kidnap courseConsider Anti-Kidnap Training in Africa

We offer a highly specialised, affordable and unique anti-kidnap training program to help you identify the threat and take suitable countermeasures.

Learn how to react and ultimately to escape and evade your captives in any African environment if you have been kidnapped.

Ultimate Survival Training is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and provides two or three-day training programmes in the local area.

Kidnapping for Ransom is a quick and effective means to get money. Last year, more than 15 000 kidnappings were reported in Africa and the victims for corporate travellers and expatriates. Whatever company you work for, you are at risk.

We teach how to protect, avoid and evade a kidnap scenario. For $ 375.00 per person, per day, we raise your situation awareness, self-confidence and ability to operate effectively under stressful conditions.

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